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A large portion of my work is biographical. I create from thought, actions, reactions, pure emotion. For the viewer, the images open many interpretations. It challenges the individual to search inside and feel the emotion illustrated. My interest in color and the human form come from days spent in ad design and anatomy classes. As well as the influences of Matisse, Picasso, Philip Burke, Edward Paschke, and Alex Gray.


I Attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and after graduating I entered the sign industry designing and making signs. In 1995 I started to create again painting in enamels and moved into mixed media in 2001.


I hope you enjoy my work as it is my true passion.


To make a purchase: The majority of the work on the site is available for purchase. I can produce the images at various sizes on various materials such as, metallic photo paper, aluminum, and acrylic. Please contact me for further details, questions and/or comments.

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